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Railway video monitoring system solution

LEEKGOVISION railway video monitoring system solution scheme for railway industry to guarantee the safe operation of demand, according to the requirements of the technical specification for the China Railway Corporation, IP network based on railway system by advanced video surveillance technology, building a complete digital, intelligent, distributed railway integrated video monitoring system, video network resources and sharing of information resources and meet the scheduling, traffic, freight and passenger transport, maintenance, maintenance, vehicles, public security, protection, disaster prevention, traction power supply, emergency rescue, emergency management and other business of video should be demand.

Background and challenges
In recent years, China's railway construction has entered a period of rapid development, in order to ensure the safety of railway operations, video surveillance has been a lot of applications. People on the image of the requirements are also getting higher and higher, from the beginning to see the image, to the present to see the clear image, and then to the future of processing and analysis of the high definition images, etc.. In the trend of digital monitoring, the pursuit of image clarity has become an important development trend of video surveillance, the application of high definition video camera and HD monitoring system has gradually been valued by the railway industry. At the same time, there are some characteristics of railway video monitoring, which are scattered in the spot, poor working environment, high construction difficulty and high cost of installation and debugging.
In order to regulate the construction of railway video surveillance system, the iron General Administration issued the technical standard of railway integrated video surveillance system in 2013.

LEEKGOVISION railway video monitoring system solution scheme according to the technical specification for the administration of iron, to the Railway Administration for video region node stand / segment location for class I video access point, along the intermediate station and base station signal, signal tower and line, for class II video access point. In the access node and regional nodes, realize the nearest store and distribution within the scope of the jurisdiction of the media information; in the Bureau, and stations monitoring center, with authorization personnel on duty can real-time browsing within the jurisdiction of the media information and control within the jurisdiction of the management of system resources.



Project advantage
1) multiple video source hybrid access
HD is the trend of the development of railway integrated video monitoring, the system can also access standard and HD video, along the railway, the site focused on areas with high-definition network camera, based on intelligent image analysis on basic HD; general locations using standard definition video camera by the same set of management system, support HD mixed unmixing, unified storage and protect the user's investment.

2) strong multi domain networking features
Meet the requirements of the technical specification for railway integrated video monitoring system from tertiary decentralization of Railway Administration Region node, class I video access node, class II video access node points domain management requirements, flexible support from the resource access to cross domain management operation of a variety of applications, such as demand management, support the mainstream industry standards.

3) efficient and reliable storage management
Video stream direct writing is used to store data flow structure of the underlying data management, realization of pre allocation strategy based on the bare space, to avoid file system damage caused by file not readable or missing, while avoiding because of fragmented files cumulative coverage caused by write performance attenuation to ensure stable performance.

4) efficient intelligent analysis and Application
System can provide face recognition, intrusion alarm, legacy items, the crowd, automatic tracking, license plate recognition etc. function, makes the whole system more intelligent, and intelligent analysis of the compatible front-end hardware and software platform in two ways.

5) mature system for the old design
In order to save the overall investment cost, better use of the resources of the original video system, providing a variety of mature and perfect system of the old design.

6) improve the system operation and maintenance system
The video quality diagnosis system is introduced into the intelligent analysis and diagnosis of all analog cameras and network cameras which are accessed through the hard disk video recorder DVR access or video server DVS. Support video loss, partial color, fuzzy, interference and other abnormal phenomena, real-time of railway integrated video monitoring system resources monitoring and management, the potential danger of reducing system can not work normally, to ensure the normal operation of the system.

7) open interface, super compatible
Hardware and software support industry mainstream agreement, to provide a sound system and equipment SDK, convenient and integrated with the third party management platform and linkage, build and optimize the industry value chain.