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Expressway operation visualization comprehensive solution

LEEKGOVISION highway operation visualization integrated solutions according to the overall level of the highway operation and management information system cannot meet the needs of operation management, the status of building contained integrated monitoring system, video surveillance, traffic incident detection, meteorological environment monitoring, traffic investigation, realize real-time traffic monitoring and recording, traffic control, traffic situation assessment, traffic information released four business application, improve the ability of emergency management and public service ability, for the masses to provide a safe, smooth, convenient, green travel services.

Background and challenges
The current highway operation management system, the overall level of information technology can not adapt to the needs of the development of modern transportation industry. One is the development of information technology has yet to cover transportation modernization, lack of integration of information technology and business management and service, information resources development and utilization level is not high, information resource sharing level is low, dynamic information acquisition capability is relatively weak, yet in terms of business rules and business process reengineering achieve deepen the application and the degree of contribution to the development of the industry needs to be improved.

With the Ministry of transportation "12th Five-Year" major information engineering start and the national provincial trunk highway upgrade and transformation of the comprehensive development, the road network operation management and service work will face big construction, big development of the new period. Three "technical requirements" ("technical requirements", "monitoring technical requirements", "highway communication network operation monitoring and service interim technical requirements") released at the same time, the construction, to guide and regulate the highway network operation monitoring and service system of operation and management, to ensure the stable operation of the national highway and country province highway and highway facilities, strengthen the national highway network operation monitoring and scientific management, improve the national highway network safety performance and service quality, improve the ability of emergency disposal of highway emergency and public service ability, realize the national highway network "visible, measurable and controllable" development goals, has a significant and far-reaching and for the people to provide safe, smooth and convenient, green road travel service etc..


LEEKGOVISION expressway operation visual integrated monitoring system is composed of three levels of management structure of the provincial monitoring center of the expressway, the section of the road section monitoring sub center and the basic monitoring unit. The monitoring and control center is the main monitoring organization, toll station, tunnel management station and bridge management station.




Project advantage

1) resource integration is high
System can integrate the different stages of the construction of the charge monitoring, meteorological monitoring, the whole process monitoring, traffic events, information release and other resources to a unified platform for management, centralized monitoring, system coordinated operations. For video to be compatible with analog and digital, SD and HD monitoring equipment.

2) rich business applications
System based on integrated monitoring platform, with real-time traffic monitoring and recording, traffic control, traffic situation assessment, traffic information release four business applications, to meet the business needs of the management department.

3) high degree of intelligence
Traffic incident detection for video information for real-time intelligence analysis. In the detection to traffic incident, namely [Video] + pictures to the center of the alarm, for command and dispatch personnel to focus on road conditions to make timely dispatching. The traffic investigation subsystem realizes the extraction of road vehicle attributes, including the detection and analysis of the data of traffic flow, average vehicle speed, headway, distance, time share and so on.

4) a high degree of travel service to the public
Released by mobile phone APP traffic data, traffic management information, etc., to better provide convenient and high-quality value-added services to the public, enhance the travel experience.