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Solution of video surveillance system for maritime law enforcement ship

LEEKGOVISION maritime law enforcement ship video monitoring system solution scheme for evidence of law enforcement of maritime emergency command and the work requirements, providing a fusion high-definition video surveillance technology, remote wireless transmission technology, man portable technology law enforcement ship video monitoring system, which can not only enhance maritime law enforcement capacity, the formation of law enforcement and deterrence, ship operators enhance the consciousness of rules of sailing, reduce ship illegal navigation behavior, ensure the personal and property safety of people in the water, but also to enhance the law enforcement image of maritime law enforcement team, formed a set of efficient and orderly maritime supervision and enforcement mechanisms.

Background and challenges

In recent years, with the development of social economy, some "criminals" in order to achieve the goal of "getting rich quick", engaged in smuggling and other illegal activities; also some of the ship's pilots are not required navigation lights. Ship smuggling, overload, not in accordance with the provisions of the maritime law, such as the illegal acts of the maritime law enforcement sector - the maritime bureau of forensic pressure will become larger. And maritime law enforcement is not a simple law enforcement, but with the nature of the service, facing the complex and the administrative law enforcement is difficult, difficult to control the scheduling, law enforcement efficiency and low.


LEEKGOVISION maritime law enforcement ship video surveillance system for the overall Maritime Safety Supervision Center and law enforcement ship monitoring system two level structure, as shown below:




The scheme is mainly to build a video surveillance system of law enforcement ship and sea patrol boat, and access to the maritime bureau video surveillance center through the operator's wireless transmission network. The device is deployed as follows:




Project advantage

1) to adapt to the environment of the ship
Shipborne video monitoring system of environmental adaptability and electromagnetic compatible projects conform to the relevant national technical standards, it can achieve all-weather work in the bad environment of vibration, bumps, high temperature, power supply voltage range is large long trouble free operation.

2) strong network adaptability
Mobile wireless network technology has been developing rapidly in recent years, and the remote wireless real-time monitoring has gradually become the focus of attention. At present, both at home and abroad, are in a variety of wireless communication standards, the coexistence of the situation, the wireless carriers own network conditions there are some regional differences. The plan of ship loading dynamic forensics system available in a variety of wireless network platform (EVDO, WCDMA and TD-SCDMA can support) the ability of communication, good network adaptability and strong network penetration, can achieve safe and reliable data transmission.

3) portable individual law enforcement equipment
Man portable can assist law enforcement personnel in dealing with an alleged overload transportation, illegal parking to anchorage position need boarding under mobile law enforcement. Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, video and capture, capture images can be stored locally or instant upload to the central management platform. When the special circumstances can be real-time communication through the portable individual and command center or other portable individual terminal personnel.

4) data storage call convenience
Onboard video surveillance system data is stored directly on the boat and the host forensics hard disk in, man portable equipment data is stored directly in the built-in SD card, two kinds of equipment can directly to shore based command center through wireless upload, data storage, the call is extremely convenient.