Feb.2023 15
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LEEKGOVISION Face Recognition Access Control for smart Campus project

With the deepening of smart city construction, smart campus, as an important part of it, has become an inevitable trend of the future development of various universities. LEEKGOVISION as a smart campus construction booster, is using the power of AI to actively build smart campus security and management of the new line of defense, for the construction of smart campus escort speed.

LEEKGOVISION to lead products, the use of deep learning, based on visible light, near infrared, far infrared, acoustic, millimeter wave, terahertz and other spectrum characteristics, research and development of more than 100 kinds of algorithms and products, actively promote the construction of smart campus security. Among them, in view of the campus traffic management problems, LEEKGOVISION launched artificial intelligence identification machine products have been applied in a number of domestic universities, to help the campus to achieve intelligent management.

▲ Application case of a prefecture-level city school in Sichuan ▲

LEEKGOVISION with non-contact automatic face recognition machine induction door, binocular living security detection, large face, such as a convenient library function through the campus information between teachers and students to upload the cloud server data docking with facial recognition devices, either in low illumination or backlight, etc to be able to accurately and efficiently under the various complex light environment identity check, In addition, the information of students' entering and leaving school will be pushed to parents in real time, so as to help parents grasp their children's dynamics more accurately.

Face recognition all-in-one machine products not only make the management of teachers and students' access to the campus more intelligent and convenient, but also enhance the security of the campus, providing continuous power for the construction of a safe campus.

▲ Face recognition all-in-one computer application scenario ▲

In addition to the routine management of the campus, in the situation of repeated outbreaks, in order to help the campus temperature measurement normal control work, LEEKGOVISION launched a temperature measurement face recognition machine, to ensure the safety of teachers and students learning and life.

Equipped with medical infrared induction chip and powerful AI intelligent voice technology temperature measurement face recognition all-in-one machine, temperature accuracy of ±0.3℃, can achieve the second speed of accurate temperature measurement, temperature data display and voice broadcast.

During the period of epidemic prevention and control, the rapid screening of health status of teachers and students in the rush hours of entering and leaving school under the scenario of high density flow of people was realized, which not only improved the passage efficiency of students, but also further reduced the risk of virus transmission caused by the slow efficiency of inspection and temperature measurement.

As the industry's leading intelligent perception algorithm and product company, LEEKGOVISION has a deep understanding and insight into a number of segments of the smart city. In the future, it will continue to deepen the application of the scene of the smart campus, and contribute to the development of the smart city.