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Solution of visual monitoring system for water conservancy

With the rapid development of the national economy, water conservancy work has been highly valued by the government. By 2015, in the attention and the correct leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, national water conservancy departments at all levels, enthusiastic, do solid work, in flood control and drought relief typhoon, complete annual investment in water conservancy, major water conservancy construction, development of people's livelihood water conservancy, water ecological civilization construction, water conservancy reform and innovation, comprehensive strict party discipline, and achieved remarkable results, for the reform and development of the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" water conservancy to draw a satisfactory full stop.
"45" period, will be strengthening water conservancy key weak links in the construction, accelerate the development of water conservancy livelihood, promote the traditional water conservancy to modern water conservancy and sustainable development of water resources transformation of an important period, is to achieve innovation and development of water conservancy, harmonious development, green development, open development, share the development critical period.

The visual monitoring system of water conservancy construction is modern water resources to achieve sustainable development is an inevitable trend, the system can make the water conservancy administrative department of flood control and disaster mitigation, water resources management and water pollution incident handling, shipping management important areas of more timely and more objective to obtain data and information, and more accurate and efficient prediction, forecasting and early warning, the better to make scientific decision of sustainable development. Through the visual monitoring system, but also can improve the operation and maintenance of water conservancy project staff working environment, improve work efficiency, save water conservancy project running costs, so that no one on duty, less people on duty.

The main problems faced by water conservancy visual monitoring system at the present stage:

1) some small water conservancy facilities such as reservoirs, safety supervision is not in place. Most small reservoirs without any dam safety monitoring facilities, most medium-sized reservoir safety monitoring by artificial observation, monitoring facilities have been built, outdated equipment, poor accuracy, low reliability, such as surveillance cameras still use the low resolution of the analog camera, the acquisition site not precise enough.

2) for the lack of unified management and monitoring of important water areas, especially some of the cross regional rivers, monitoring systems are independent, can not reach the purpose of effective monitoring.

3) some water conservancy facilities of gate, relief spillway and spillway tunnel, perennial in unattended condition, need to set up monitoring points, to ensure the safety.

4) deployment of hydrological monitoring facilities, can only provide data information, the occurrence of the situation, the lack of intuitive understanding of the scene.

5) some water conservancy facilities are located in the remote, during the day and at night, it is necessary to monitor the surrounding area to prevent man-made damage.

Construction goal

LEEKGOVISION water visualization monitoring system is a set of hardware, software, network in one of the large-scale network monitoring system, to iVMS-9800 software platform as the core, to achieve multi-level networking and cross regional monitoring, in the monitoring center can be the terminal system centralized monitoring and unified management.

The overall goal of the system is to achieve the water conservancy industry all image resources in the network construction of water conservancy in the video surveillance industry resource tree, unified management of the unit of video monitoring resources, division of video resources for different show business domain (such as valley, provinces, etc), flood control and drought relief service department.


Water visual monitoring system consists of the monitoring center at all levels and the front end monitoring station. In video monitoring center of Ministry of water resources, water conservancy department in charge of provincial, municipal, county (city, district) level and flood control command center, and provincial river basin management departments, the provincial water conservancy hub are respectively arranged monitoring center, in the front end of the water and water conservancy project management unit set video access center (with emphasis on flood control project construction management unit). The monitoring center and the monitoring station are connected through the transmission network to form a multi stage network video monitoring system.



 As the front line of the entire video surveillance system, the front end monitoring station is responsible for the collection, coding, transmission and alarm signal acquisition of the video image. The front-end monitoring mainly for sudden flood and drought disasters, mainly including river flood, waterlogging and mountain torrents disaster (by rainfall caused flash floods, mudslides and landslides), storm surge disasters, drought, water crisis and collapse caused by floods, storm surge, earthquakes, terrorist activities, the reservoir dam collapsing, levee breaches, sluice water quality is against secondary derivative disasters.

Emergency rescue system is mainly targeted at the sudden danger or supervision of personnel on-site inspections is to do the scene video surveillance, the fastest speed to get the scene video, in order to make a response in the shortest time.

Provincial basin and the provincial water conservancy hub monitoring center is responsible for under the jurisdiction of regional front-end monitoring video image, an alarm signal gathering and forwarded to the relevant units and superior departments and the important video and alarm for backup. The center has the power to implement the management and control of the front-end system, be able to access front-end video, control PTZ operation etc.. Large screen display system to the front end of the collection of the image decoding on the wall, in order to wheel patrol, mosaic, etc..

Ministry of water resources monitoring center as a platform to receive all two level platform image resources, the platform can view the country's River Basin (province) monitoring image and video. According to access rights, the Ministry of water resources for the highest authority.

In the Ministry of water resources and river basin (province) can be accessed via mobile phone related platforms, using a mobile phone can be directly viewed image resources.

Ministry of water conservancy video diagnosis and operation and maintenance management server can also image resources of Ministry of water resources of platforms and basins (province) of video quality detection and video inspection, storage, and generate graphical reports to ensure the whole monitoring platform are in good running check, and generate graphical reports to ensure the good operation of the whole monitoring platform.

Program highlights

1) the general area of water conservancy projects, a wide range of monitoring, the number of cameras required, with a small number of display and a few on duty, is difficult to take into account the. Through the use of flying like smart camera series, intelligent analysis is carried out in a variety of behavioral and greatly reduce the platform on duty the personnel's work intensity.

2) hydrological monitoring points were outdoors, outside weather affected very easily encountered heavy fog weather, video through fog technology can solve this problem well, through the integration of image enhancement and image restoration technology, accurate and natural of fog penetration image.

3) software platform of video quality diagnosis can realize intelligent video fault analysis and early warning, the decoding and image quality evaluation of front-end equipment returned stream, quality problems of video image in the presence of intelligent analysis, judgement and alarm.

4) in view of the network and power supply conditions of unstable scene using low power capture camera to meet the business application.