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Solution of intelligent substation integrated auxiliary system

Substation as the core part of the power grid, responsible for the region's high and low voltage transformation and power supply task, it is particularly important to safe operation. During the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period of Smart Substation into the period of comprehensive construction, comprehensive auxiliary system as a supporting system for the protection of substation operation, followed by a large batch supporting construction, make smart substation striding towards the overall perception of the era.

The main problems faced by the integrated auxiliary system at the present stage:

Magix integrated monitoring difficult -- sub system operates independently, it is difficult to achieve the integrated monitor and control system, centralized management, virtually reduces the efficiency of the system, increasing the cost of management system;

- business integration less -- "remote viewing" mostly only to realize video review, the trace the historical function, video surveillance system is still independent to the production system, not really into the daily management of the substation.

- human intervention multi - video monitoring anomalies need artificially found, the linkage mechanism between multiple systems have been established, but most of them are limited to switch linkage and non linkage agreement;

- operation and maintenance difficult -- networked systems, in the face of a large number of video surveillance equipment, operation and maintenance workload is huge and hard to detect, often resulting in fault processing is not seasonable, so that greatly reduced the effect of video surveillance system.


The solution scheme of intelligent substation is mainly used in the construction and improvement of the comprehensive auxiliary system of the intelligent substation,
Substation intelligent auxiliary system is a set of hardware, software, network in one of the large-scale network monitoring system, in the energy industry, iVMS-9800 software platform as the core, to achieve multi-level networking and cross regional monitoring, control center / operation and maintenance center of station terminal system centralized monitoring and unified management and escort for the smart grid.

The system architecture diagram is as follows:



   Substation intelligent auxiliary system full use of HD, intelligent and networking, infrared thermal imaging, the application of 3G technology, under the guidance of the principle of "standardization, integration, intelligent design, the standardization of industry products, to achieve the following functions:

- HD video monitoring, full access to 720p and above HD cameras, enhance video quality and the level of security, (equipment, instrument readings and facial features) to meet the needs of the details of the monitoring, support for high-definition video storage;

The intelligent identification analysis equipment condition analysis, behavior analysis, license plate recognition;

- assist system integration -- to realize video monitoring, environmental monitoring, security guards, fire alarm, access control, SF6 leakage alarm, intelligent control subsystem integration, each subsystem according to plan linkage;

- Visual Management - on-demand allocation center video inspection plan and communication with the SCADA system, when switching operation or tripping accidents, SCADA sends "remote control" or "remote communication signal to the video monitoring system and the corresponding associated camera preset.

Magix stereoscopic supervision mode, and the realization of the terminal station, city, provincial level three vertical supervision, fixed network using C / s and B / S mode access, mobile network through handheld terminals (mobile phones, tablet, etc.) Regulation;

System operation and maintenance management -- management of IT infrastructure, diagnosis of video quality, bandwidth optimization and control, asset management, log management.

Program highlights

1) access and integrate the station auxiliary subsystem, realize the auxiliary subsystem of the integrated monitoring, and realize the system and the system of intelligent plan;

2) support the DL/T860 protocol and the information integration platform for docking, upload the auxiliary system of panoramic data and receive the control signaling, and the production system to achieve business integration;

3) when switching operation of the substation, the video can be linked to a preset position, and truly realize the visual operation management.