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Solution of safety protection system for Hydropower Station

Large hydropower station has the characteristics of large installed capacity, affecting the regional power supply. At the same time, the operation and maintenance of power plants also put forward higher requirements, once a power plant failure, will cause a large area power outage, seriously affect the social harmony and stability.

In recent years, the international and domestic terrorist activities are active, and the major vicious terrorist incidents occur frequently. Power supply reliability is related to the social stability, hydropower station, as the important power production enterprises, hydropower station, dam (contain Deputy dam), power plant, diversion canal easily become target of terrorist attacks, is the key to prevent the object, the anti-terrorism task is heavy, responsibility. Combined with the domestic in recent years the anti-terrorism situation, to strengthen the safety of power facilities to prevent the construction of standardization, the Ministry of Public Security jointly with the National Energy Bureau formulated the requirements of security risk level and power facilities security (GA1089-2013, hereinafter referred to as "security"), the "security requirements" was released on September 30, 2013 by the Ministry of public security, on November 1, 2013.

Hydropower station security anti-terrorism system covers the subsystem is numerous, the components of the system include video monitoring system, access control system, smart card system, intrusion alarm system, process management system, perimeter water detection system, emergency command system,. According to our survey of hydropower station and Design Institute of communication, found that most hydropower station only deployed a video surveillance system, the import and export management system, intrusion alarm systems, access control systems and other parts of the system and the existing system nor effective application, such as each of the following should be improved in the system function, resource sharing and business integration on:

1) the existing video monitoring system utilization rate is low, the degree of intelligence is not high, and there are still some key areas of the monitoring blind spot;

2) each system to achieve the function of each division, in general, the need to install the configuration software and operating software, resulting in the computer room hardware and software redundancy;

3) power plant without security integrated management system, can not achieve the unified monitoring of equipment, increase the system operation and maintenance costs and security risks;

4) there is no unified database, not in the internal information sharing, as well as the unified management and maintenance of system data;

5) most of the system is limited to hardware linkage, increase the complexity of implementation and maintenance;
6) system software linkage is not sensitive, the linkage interface style is poor, not easy to observe the operation;

7) can not achieve remote viewing the entire system running data, most of the system information is not from the management room, is not conducive to the upper management;

8) auxiliary system information isolated island, there is not a unified security platform to do integrated management.

In view of the above analysis, the current security management of hydropower station is an urgent need for a unified management platform for the integration of the system resources, optimize business management, reduce the cost of investment and operation and maintenance costs.
Construction goal

LEEKGOVISION hydropower station security anti-terrorism system is set of hardware, software, network integrated monitoring system, to iVMS-9800 software platform as the core, multi service fusion monitoring, in the monitoring center can be on the front end system centralized monitoring and unified management, stable operation of escort for the hydropower station.

After the completion of the system to achieve the following goals:

1 important areas of the plant should be no monitoring blind spots, monitoring points to the normal output of video signals, to ensure that the monitoring center of the whole plant area of the comprehensive monitoring, supervision;

2) inside plant area is an important area of monitoring points to support HD monitor, see into the region of the face, and supports the analysis of behavior, in deployment once found anomalies (such as trespassing, wandering, aggregation, can alarm in time.

3) into the door of the deployment of visitors system, and with the public security system, the staff of the factory to verify the identity of the information, to avoid the destruction of the plant to the plant to destroy the most wanted;

4) in order to facilitate the management, the factory by smart card system, to authorize the different people (employees, contractors and visitors), set the import and export management, access control management, elevator control functions in one, the production area and office area should be clearly separated;

5) the import and export management system deployed in the factory gate and the production of the gate area, in addition to the license plate identification authentication, combined with the smart card system, only the vehicles and personnel are identified correctly, to open the vehicle barrier;

6) intrusion alarm system by moving ring alarm host can be managed separately for each sector, at the same time can be achieved and video monitoring system and lighting system alarm linkage;

7) emergency command system as the important technical support for the anti-terrorism emergency and accident management, at the time of the accident and need to personnel at the scene for the first time sent back to the scene of the accident, and timely, accurate and comprehensive on-site feedback to the dispatching center.


The overall topology of the system is shown below:


The security system of the hydropower station is composed of three parts, which are the front end system, the transmission network and the central system. System can achieve the following functions

1 HD video surveillance: the full access to 1080P and above HD video camera, enhance the quality of video and security level, to meet the requirements of the details of the monitoring (face, vehicle characteristics), support HD video storage;

2) intelligent analysis and recognition: behavior analysis, face recognition, license plate recognition;

3) security system integration: realization of video surveillance, access control management, visitor management, on-line inspections, parking management, intrusion alarm subsystem integration, each subsystem according to plan linkage;

4) card integrated: set of visitors, access control, attendance, patrol, car park, the consumption function in one, and with the monitoring point for visualization of personnel positioning function;

5) three dimensional supervision mode: the realization of the front end, the security control center two vertical regulation, fixed network using B/S, C/S way to access, mobile network through the handheld terminal (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) to carry out supervision;

6) system operation and maintenance management: IT infrastructure management, video quality diagnosis, bandwidth optimization and control, asset management, log management.

Program highlights

1, reliable system design
2, excellent system architecture
3, clear image quality
4, advanced intelligent analysis
5, professional center storage
6, practical object of perception
7, the forefront of mobile applications